Flora-Bama Book Our 2nd "Child" By John Rossman


"You won, baby. You won for both of us. Our love filled my heart like a second child would have. I'll never let that go, my sweet Jake. I'll never let that go." - Mara RockmanTake an intriguing journey with the, Rockman family, in this heart wrenching novel. Unforeseeable setbacks transform into improbable outcomes, powered by the strength of one family's unbreakable bond. Witness how a man copes with moving on, while a family struggles to let him go. Set during the last meaningful week they would have with each other, Jake Rockman wills his way against cancer, longer than anticipated. Drawing from past experiences and flashbacks, "Our Second Child" is a voice for families dealing with, secondary infertility, cancer, and health issues concerning their children. Wrapped in the beautiful scenery of the Alabama Gulf Shores, this love story is intense and refreshingly authentic.
Our Second "Child" (Paperback)