Flora-Bama Book The Weather Cannon Larry Strickland


Yet again another Must Read from local Author Larry Strickland

The U.S. Navy has hired an old friend of Strick-9's, Blakeli Weiss, to work on a Top Secret project being developed at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. The Navy moves her and her son to Pensacola and back into the life of Strick-9, a tuff, honky-tonk keyboard player who works nights at THE WORLD FAMOUS FLORA-BAMA BAR located on the soft white sands of the Gulf of Mexico in Perdido Key Florida. Strick-9 also a private Investigator by day, finds himself thrown into a world of mayhem, as Blakeli and her boy become targets by a group of Taliban Terrorists, hell bent on stealing the secret formula and taking the lives of the people closest to him. But first, they'll have to deal with and irate and formidable Strick-9.